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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saudi Gazette Report: Abid Moiz Book Launch

DIABETES is easily controllable and diabetic patients can live normal, active, happy and healthy lives - similar to that of non-diabetic people. Obtaining proper knowledge and information, coupled with necessary preventive measures will ensure the well being of all diabetic patients. Indeed, the more you know about diabetes, the better you can manage your disease and reduce the risk of complications.
“Ziabetes Ke Saath Saath” authored by Dr. Abid Moiz on diabetes, was launched June 11 at the Embassy of India, Riyadh by Hifzur Rahman, the Secretary of Information and Culture at the Embassy.
Praising the efforts of Dr. Abid Moiz for contributing numerous articles on science in Urdu magazines and newspapers, he welcomed the idea of such an informative book and said that the age we live in demands the publication of such books in the Urdu language.
He referred to the book as an informative, effective and useful tool for the diabetic patients. Stating that Urdu writers rarely write on science, he added that Dr. Moiz not only contributes a lot of articles on the subject but is someone who has also dedicated himself to the promotion of the Urdu language.
Dr. Moiz is also one of the very few columnists who writes on scientific issues frequently. His latest book is indeed an effective source of knowledge, advice and guidance, teaching readers set methods to control diabetes more effectively.
Dr. Moiz also gave an impressive and informative presentation callled “Diabetes - A Global Epidemic” covering a range of issues related to diabetes.
The president of Hindustani Bazm-e-Urdu - the organizers of the ceremony - Rahman Saleem, welcomed the guests and read out the views of notable personalities from the Kingdom’s Hyderabadi community on both the book and Dr. Moiz.
The book consists of over 300 pages of detailed information and is the outcome of more than a decade of the author’s efforts. – SG

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