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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Health Manual by Abid Moiz ... Arab News Report

HEALTH MANUAL: Dr. Majid Kazi, left, Dr. Abid Moiz, center, and Hifzur Rahman, secretary, Press and Information, Indian Embassy, at the launch of a book on diabetes in Riyadh

Arab News Report - Riyadh: “Diabetes Ke Saath Saath,” an informative book in Urdu on diabetes, written by Dr. Abid Moiz was released at a ceremony organized by Hindustani Bazm-e-Urdu at the Embassy of India here.

Referring to the efforts of Dr. Moiz for the promotion of Urdu language and his writings on science, Hifzur Rahman, secretary, Press and Information, Indian Embassy, said his new book was an informative, effective and useful tool for diabetic patients.

Urdu writers rarely write on science, he said, however Dr. Moiz has not only contributed a number of articles on the subject but also dedicated himself for the promotion of Urdu and writing on science.

“This book on diabetes is a priceless gift for the Urdu-speaking people,” he said.

A prominent cardiologist and personal physician to the late King Fahd, Dr. Majid Kazi, stressed the need for translating this book in other languages.

According to him, the latest research has found that the insulin producing cells start affecting four years prior to the emergence of diabetes.

If it is detected at this stage and proper care is taken, the appearance of diabetes can be delayed. Though diabetes is not curable, this book gives tips on tackling the disease.

Dr. Rafath Hussain Ansari referred the book as an important tool for patient education. Hindustani Bazm-e-Urdu President Abdul Rahman Saleem welcomed the guests.

Dr. Moiz gave a presentation on “Diabetes — a Global Epidemic” covering various aspects of diabetes. Mir Firasat Ali Khusro conducted the proceedings.

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